“This thing on? Anybody out there?…” Truth be told, I’ve been somewhat avoiding this blog, because I just wasn’t sure what to say to remedy the six-month absence. (SIX MONTHS?!) At the start of this year I had grand plans to get back to blogging and designing and well, let’s see. It’s now the end […]

Hey there! I wanted to share an invite suite that I did a few months ago for a family friend of mine for her wedding in July. The idea behind the design was lacy ironwork gates with a botanical theme and lots of muted metals and neutral shimmer.  The reception took place at Bowers Museum […]

Is it nap time yet? 😉 I’m sure ready to rest! It’s been a busy few weeks, and I’m in some major need of some R&R. Not to mention I’ve got a wee little cold that doesn’t seem to be turning into a real cold, it’s just making me feel just off enough to be […]

It’s Friday! And time is flying by. I can hardly believe that it’s already October. Pretty soon Christmas will be upon us! I’m excited for Christmas, but maybe if it came in six months instead of TWO. The other day I sat down and started my list of Christmas gifts, because, really, it’s not that […]

Well hi! I can’t believe that it’s Monday today. I feel like between now and last Monday, an entire year happened. This weekend we went to my husband’s 10-year college reunion, and it was a total blast. It was nice to get away for the weekend and have a mini-vacation, with no computers or anything […]

Howdy! And happy Friday to you! This post got delayed this morning due to a freak thunderstorm and power-outage. (I’m not making this up.) But right before the power went out, I discovered the “specials” section over at Myfonts.com. Now, I’m not sure how I haven’t seen this before, but I’m pretty convinced that it’s […]

I am so happy it’s Friday. Last weekend was really busy, and this week I tried to play catch-up, so I’m a little tired and ready for a mellow weekend. I’m planning on running, resting, and sewing. Sound good? But first! Let’s get down to business. And our friendly font of the day is: I […]

Hey all! Pardon the late post today, I got distracted by the news of the earthquake in New Zealand, which happened to be centered in the same town where some family of mine live, so I had a crazy morning and am hoping to hear some good news that they are okay…but in the meantime, […]

Hey there! (I am trying really hard to quell my excitement about decorating and focus on my Friday Font. But in my mind I am trying to figure out a way to tie this post in with re-decorating my Dad’s office. Like, “Will I be using any cool fonts in his office?” and “How can […]

I was trying to think of a fun font to showcase today and the one that popped in my (very tired) head to show you, is called I first saw this font on the cover of the now-out-of-print Blueprint Magazine back in 2006.  I loved (correction, LOVE) this magazine. I only have one issue, the […]