Hello to anyone who still remotely even checks this blog! When I logged onto the blog this morning and saw that my last post was NOVEMBER of 2010, I cringed. I can’t believe that much time has gone by with no blogging. Life has a way of changing, eh? Since the end of October I’ve […]

So I’ve been more MIA lately that I thought I would. Life changed really fast within the last two weeks, and what I thought was going to be an occasional day or two in my dad’s office, actually abruptly became a full-time gig last Monday. It was a surprise, but oddly, an answer to prayer. […]

Well, we’re back! We spent a long weekend in the Midwest with my sister-in-law and her husband and two boys, and it was really fun. We haven’t seen them since last Christmas, so it had been awhile! Our second nephew was born in July, so we got to meet him for the first time and […]

I thought about doing a post on some awesome “Medically-Inspired” uniforms (aka scrubs), because my life is taking a little detour from the design department, but then I actually tried to go buy some scrubs and was pretty horrified at the patterns I saw out there. So I shall stick with solids. Like this one: […]

Well hi! I can’t believe that it’s Monday today. I feel like between now and last Monday, an entire year happened. This weekend we went to my husband’s 10-year college reunion, and it was a total blast. It was nice to get away for the weekend and have a mini-vacation, with no computers or anything […]

Hi there! Monday’s post got a little delayed due to a really busy weekend and an equally busy Monday. I thought I would have time this weekend for running, resting, and sewing, and even though I did get one run in on Saturday morning, the resting didn’t happen. And the sewing? Not a chance! I […]

I am so happy it’s Friday. Last weekend was really busy, and this week I tried to play catch-up, so I’m a little tired and ready for a mellow weekend. I’m planning on running, resting, and sewing. Sound good? But first! Let’s get down to business. And our friendly font of the day is: I […]

Hey gang! I am really excited that it’s Last night I couldn’t wait to go to bed so I could get up and start the day because I was so excited about sharing this post with you! Over the weekend I did a little shifting of decor and put away my spring/summer stuff and got […]

I am trying to get this post done at rapid speed so that I can get to work finishing a brochure for a client. But I wanted to share a great font with you because it’s: And that font I have for you today, you’re already looking at it! It’s the one right up there […]

Hey there! (I am trying really hard to quell my excitement about decorating and focus on my Friday Font. But in my mind I am trying to figure out a way to tie this post in with re-decorating my Dad’s office. Like, “Will I be using any cool fonts in his office?” and “How can […]