“This thing on? Anybody out there?…”

Truth be told, I’ve been somewhat avoiding this blog, because I just wasn’t sure what to say to remedy the six-month absence. (SIX MONTHS?!) At the start of this year I had grand plans to get back to blogging and designing and well, let’s see. It’s now the end of July, and that didn’t happen. I know we all feel like time is zooming by, and I’m no exception. Except that I still keep writing June on things. I’m having a hard time catching up. And I got an email from a friend the other day that said, “Dude, I checked your blog and it’s been six months. Get on it!” So here I am, getting on it. :)

Allow me a bit of an explanation for the last few months: I was working full-time up until the beginning of June and then I cut back to part-time, and am now figuring out how to go forward with the kind of design that I want to do. I’ve done a few projects in the last couple months, and just haven’t had the time to photograph and blog them. It was like, “Great! I have two seconds, I’ll pump out those invites, and then stain that mirror and paint that lamp, and oh look, it’s Monday again.” So free time went to doing things rather than photographing and blogging about them.

BUT. I’m not here to simply write what’s been happening, I have a cute baby shower invite to share! Hooray! This was for a shower that my mom, sister, and I threw for my cousin’s wife who is having a little girl. And we.pulled.out.the.stops.

We had tissue poms, flag banners….and gold edible glitter hearts floating in pink champagne. It was slightly ridiculous. And really fun.

So here are the cute invites! They were backed with two different color pinks to match the pinks on the invite itself, and then enclosed in the same pink envelopes. They were darling. It kind of made me want to have a girl just so I could OD on pink and coral and peach and mint green. I even matched myself to the shower and wore an awesome green mint bauble necklace.

Like ’em? I think they’re fun.

So in lieu of making blog promises and not keeping them, I will just say that I will be making a more concerted effort to keep a presence here. :) So, to the one person who reads this: thanks for hanging in there! 😉

See ya soon!

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  1. dom said:

    Nice invitation.

  2. leianna said:

    super awesome invitation!

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