Hello to anyone who still remotely even checks this blog! When I logged onto the blog this morning and saw that my last post was NOVEMBER of 2010, I cringed. I can’t believe that much time has gone by with no blogging. Life has a way of changing, eh? Since the end of October I’ve been working full-time in my dad’s office which has been a big blessing on many accounts, but has also dramatically–as you can see here–cut short on blogging time, among other things. Add in the holidays, moving right after Christmas, my husband going to Haiti on a mission trip, and all around working full-time, and it’s been a little bit crazy at our house these days.  So right now, it’s Saturday, I am still in my pajamas, and I am making myself blog.

We moved at the end of December to be closer to our church and our workplaces, and we are loving it. I’m back in my “hometown” so to speak, but “hometown” is relative when all of Orange County is one big metropolis with no real borders. Anyways. I’m back. We’re back. And we live in another apartment. We weren’t super excited to be moving to another apartment as we would really love to buy a house, but housing pricing in Orange County are somewhat ridiculous. Plus we get a heated outdoor pool and gym thrown in with this new place, so hey! We’ll take it! :) One of the nice things about our new place is that we can paint. And paint we did. :) We have to take it back to white before we move out, but we don’t mind. The walls were so stark when we moved in that we couldn’t handle it–it just looked unfinished. Now, I am usually a lover of white walls when those walls belong to, say, a beach house that has lovely wood floors and lots of windows, instead of, say, an apartment with beige carpet and linoleum. So, the walls had to be painted. And being DIYers, we were not going to pay the Apartment Complex Paint Man to do what we could do in a few hours. So we painted. The living room and dining room is one area so we did Olympic’s Classic Khaki in the living room, and Valpsar’s Royal Gray in the Dining Room, to divide things up a bit. (We tried to get them to color match the Royal Gray to an Olympic color for us, but they wouldn’t. I was a little disappointed with Lowes.) The Royal Gray color turned out to be more blue than I wanted/was expecting, but we decided to live with it. The walls in this place are so textured that it took a lot of muscle to get the paint into all the texture bumps and we weren’t about to spend more money on paint and more time painting over it, so it’s here to stay for awhile. The reason we did the blue/gray in the dining room was to pull in our awesome royal blue couch that we can’t get rid of yet. And you know what? It worked! It ties in nicely. :) So here is the Living Room:

Gotta love that blue couch 😉 :

(Sorry for the terrible sunlight in the above couch photo!) Obviously, we still have some work to do on the wall above the couch. We’re thinking something streamlined and orderly, because we have such a random collage in the bedroom, which you’ll see in a minute.

Here is the Living Room and “Dining Room.”

I put it in quotes because it’s not actually it’s own room. More like a general area, if you will. At first, I postponed blogging about our new place because it’s not done yet. As in, these next pictures are totally chaotic and I have no idea what’s going on with the bookshelves. But I’ve realized something with working full-time in that I don’t have a ton of time these days, and what you see is what you get somewhat. Spending time with my husband is more important than having a perfect looking house. (Not that I still wouldn’t love to have a perfect looking house, I’m just sayin’.) So here is the awesomely un-finished Dining Area complete with scads of white vertical blinds and every single nicknack in the house:

We would love to update to a more modern dining table and chairs, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled.

Now, here is the challenge with this space: it’s an Entryway, Dining Room, and Living Room All-in-One! Aren’t we lucky?! And the hardest part is that we have TONS of books. They are coming out of the woodwork. The whole TV Media Cabinet is surrounded by books, there’s a big bookshelf by the couch that’s filled, and these shelves in the dining room are having an identity crisis because I’m not sure what to do with them. And there’s more books in the garage. Help. I seriously don’t like the shelves beneath the window, and am just not sure what to put on them/what to paint them/what to replace them with? I’m thinking something darker wood instead of the sanded white…

The wall behind the front door would be perfect for a small console table, but there’s no room. So, all we put up is this mirror. And I think it’s as good as it’s gonna get. We contemplated another photo collage here, but thought it might get a little busy with all the available walls covered in photos.

But I do love that transom window. (Except when the building is getting painted, and you’re sitting on your couch and you look up and see a strange man peering through that window as he paints the front door. That was just lovely.) See what I mean about the stark white paint? Ugh.  And that basket that holds the shoes? I love it. I want 3 more of them.

Now onto the bedroom! We decided to paint an accent wall in there to take down some of the whiteness, and it worked really well. Because the wall opposite the painted wall, is a full wall of mirrored closet doors, it makes the room feel like the whole thing is painted. And drop cloth drapes are the best. They look like linen when the sunlight shines through!

I am currently figuring out what pictures are going to fill the empty frames, so that should be done shortly. Here’s a close-up of the drop cloth drapes:

And here is one of my favorite parts of our new apartment:

The reason we were sold on this floor plan is because it had this little nook area behind the kitchen. The other plans that we looked at had similar square footage, but it was wasted space in the entryway, and we needed a place for an office. (I really, really didn’t want to do a desk in the living room). This nook works perfectly. My husband’s old desk slides right in the space with a couple inches to spare, and because of the vertical height that we have, he built shelves that go on tracks all the way to the ceiling to utilize that space. My Pottery Barn Daily System got dismantled a little bit, but was able to fit perfectly on the sides of the walls to help with organization. The shelves are either going to painted or stained either white or dark walnut, and so is the desk. I’m not sure if white walls, white desk, and white shelves might be a little much, so I’m going to play around with it and see what I can do.

My inspiration for the wire baskets and woven baskets came from this gal. I was drooling over her office spread in BHG a couple months ago. Oh man, I can’t wait to have our own house!

And the kitchen? I’ll leave you with this parting shot of an awesomely-nineties dual-tone honey and white kitchen. This is all you’re going to see. It’s just not that pretty. And there’s nothing I can do about it, because we’re just renting. :(

So there she be! Our new place. It’s still a work in progress, and I’ll be sure to post any updates that happen. Especially to the Dining Disaster Room. I have the itch to freshen things up and get some fresh, bold colors in here now that it’s Spring.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Update: As I was reading over my husband’s shoulder last night as he read the post, all of a sudden a plan for the wall in the dining room came to me! I figured it out! I’ll share it with you when it’s finished….now I’m off to hunt for a piece of furniture...

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  1. Jadyn said:

    Your home is lovely! Nice job! So great that you can paint even when renting. I have your blog in my google reader and noticed a new post, glad I did! Looking forward to seeing more of your how your home comes together.

  2. kwyperdesigns said:

    Thanks Jadyn!! So glad to hear you like it! It’s coming along…slowly but surely! :)

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