Hey all!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to spend the long weekend relaxing. We spent it with family, just hanging out, and also went on a crazy house hunting spree. We went to one Open House and drove by at least 12 other potentials. All of which elicited a “No need to see the inside, thank you!” response as we drove by. The Open House house was the only one we liked, so we’ll see what happens! (True to form, we’ve already been photoshopping and brainstorming how we’d update it. We can’t be stopped. It’s what we do.) But I digress.

I wanted to share this really easy wreath I made the other day when I got a hankering for some seasonal greenery. It’s not really even a “tutorial” as it is a “Pull-apart-plastic-greenery-and-stick-into-already-made-store-bought-green-wreath-post”. All you”ll need is a fake green wreath in the size of your choice, some fake pine needles with attached pine cones, some dried basil stalks, and some fake pears. And a hot glue gun. All compliments of Michaels. (The wreath was only $3.99!)

To my delight and surprise, the pine needles/cones just popped right off their stalks of plastic, so there was no wire-cutting needed. So here are the really complicated instructions: Stick pine needles/cones and basil stalks into wreath at your leisure. Hot glue pears or fruit where you’d like them to go.

And you’re done.

I was actually really pleased at how well the stiff green wreath held all the extra stalks with no gluing necessary. This was my kind of craft. Simple, and over in about 10 minutes! And all of it cost only $20! (I saw just the fake green wreath at Target later that day for $20.00, so I was pretty pleased with myself.) AND it doesn’t look fake because most of the fake wreath is covered up.

So now this wreath is proudly hanging on our front door, and it makes me smile every time I come home.

With that, I bid you happy wreath-making, and a happy Monday!

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