Hi there!

On this random Wednesday, I’m-home-sick-from-work-today post, I thought I’d share some things lately that have inspired me or stuff that I’ve had my eye on. Because who doesn’t love looking at awesome stuff?

The UO Slipper Chair in Ikat. I wasn’t sure about the whole Ikat trend when it first started, and I guess like most trends, it just wore me down and after months of seeing it pop up everywhere, (without even realizing I was starting to like it), I am now dying for an Ikat chair for my living room. Ok, not dying. I’m being dramatic.

And this little baby. I would like to pretend that I am the amazingly talented designer behind Rifle Paper Co. I love everything they do!

The Plaid Shirt. They sold out of this before Christmas, and then fortuitously it is back in stock!

I really want this coffee table. End of story.

I stopped in World Market the other day on my lunch break and it was a bad idea. Very bad. In my head I ran around screaming, “I want it all!!” Good thing I didn’t actually do that. But this chair. Oh my. For my office nook. Just one. I just want one chair!

And now I am starting to sound rant-y, and my throat is hurting again from all my imaginary banshee-screaming. So, on that note, I’ll leave you with these lovelies and go drink some more tea.

Happy Wednesday!

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