Hey there! I hope you had a restful Christmas Holiday and enjoyed a fun New Year’s! I’ve been on vacation since right before Christmas, and it has been wonderful and never more needed! But tomorrow means back to the grind and back to all the lovely dental patients. :)

I wanted to kick off the New Year with a post about a design board I did for a couple who is re-doing their house. Some friends of ours asked if I would help them make over their house and I enthusiastically said yes! I think I’m even more excited than they are! Interior Design is something I have loved forever–I have a picture of myself at two years old sitting on the couch reading Better Homes and Gardens, so this is literally a dream for me to do. And once I got the design ideas rolling, my husband had to tear me away from the computer because I could have just kept going the entire day.

I’m doing two boards for them: a “Base Layer Board” and a “Jewelry Board”: all the pretty stuff that makes a house a home like the hardware, fabrics, textures and decor.

Currently, their house is an interesting combination of styles: multi-level with cold, white ceramic tile throughout, and a huge lofted ceiling in the entry way/front room area. The lofted ceiling has wonderful beams which will be stained a warm walnut to add depth and character to them.

The new look for their house is warm traditional with a mix of global/latin colors and textures. My friends are like most couples and don’t have the exact same taste in decor and home-related things. The husband likes crisp white trim and white cabinetry, while the wife likes more earthy textures and surfaces. But we’ve been able to combine what they like with a look that speaks to both of them and results in a warm, inviting, totally “them” home. So here’s the base layer board:

All the paint colors are Dunn-Edwards, the countertops are Cambria Quartz, and most of the flooring you can find at Home Depot or Lowes.

To help with “where do I put this color” dilemma, I did a quick layout of their house to show where all those wall colors would go, with a caution to get samples, samples, samples, before they actually go ahead and paint their whole house to make sure these colors work in the rooms they’re assigned to. :)

The Entryway and front living area will be Ripe Pineapple, the raised dining room and kitchen area will be Caramel Bar and Spiced Nectarine, the dropped den and bedroom/bathroom on the lower level will be the yellow-y green Grass Root and Lustrous Yellow. The upstairs bedrooms will be Grass Root, (they’re not that skinny, just wanted to give a small swatch so they could see), and the Master Bed will be Lustrous Yellow with a shot of Spicy Tomato behind their bed. The Master Bedroom has a raised platform area where their bed is, so it acts like it’s own little room or cocoon, that’s why the shot of Spicy Tomato might work really well. But, again, that’s why I stressed getting samples, because these are bold colors and they might not work in the actual space. Maybe we’ll balance the Spicy Tomato with Buckskin or Birchwood for the rest of the room…we’ll see. :)

Next up: The Jewelry Board! I will post this one as soon as it’s done, and then I’ll be sure to post some actual progress photos of their house!

If you’re interested in having a design board done for your space, feel free to shoot me an email! I’d love to chat about it with you.

Hope you have a wonderful start to your year and are blessed beyond measure.


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