I was trying to think of a fun font to showcase today and the one that popped in my (very tired) head to show you, is called

I first saw this font on the cover of the now-out-of-print Blueprint Magazine back in 2006.  I loved (correction, LOVE) this magazine. I only have one issue, the Premiere Issue for summer 2006, but I have saved it for four years and I still get inspiration from it. The first time I pulled it out awhile back was when I was looking for ideas for a project, and the headline font caught my eye again. So I googled “Blueprint Magazine font”, and discovered two things: 1. this magazine was out of print, :( BUT 2. that the font was called “Fling”. Thank you, interweb! So I immediately found the font and downloaded it, and it’s been a party ever since.

Here are some pictures from that Premiere Issue of the magazine that I wanted to share, to show how they used the font, and to show the great layouts that they had. Seriously, when I was flipping through it today, it just cemented that I really like the layout of the magazine. It does not grow old! The design, the layouts, the colors, everything! I wish it was still in print. You can tell that they had some creative design minds working on it and making it a magazine that was nice to look at. Here is the cover:

I love this cover! I love the colors, the layout, and when I first bought the magazine, I wanted to be that couple. But my husband won’t wear plaid shorts, so there went that dream. 😉

Here is the beautiful Table of Contents:

Here are some layout/font shots:

I love that double-page spread. LOVE it. It's clean and BIG.

And this page is awesome. I love all these shoes.

My favorites are those coral ones on the bottom right. (Too bad they are around $200!)

So what do you think of the magazine? Did you like it? If so, we can go shed tears together and ponder why it went under.

But I still love that font, Fling. I’ve used it on a few things:

These invitations:and this Logo:

It’s a really fun font with such a great feel. It just makes things look happy.

So on that note, have a happy Friday and enjoy the Fling! 😉

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2 Responses to “Friday Font Fling!”

  1. Jadyn said:

    I love Blueprint too! I have four issues that I cherish…So sad it went under. :(
    I never thought to look at the font, but that is a great font indeed.

  2. Michael Gills said:

    I’m a few Fridays too late but thanks for making Fling The Fun Font Friday – and for using it!

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